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Miharu Katsuki

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Miharu Katsuki

Post by Luci on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:39 pm

Miharu Katsuki

Name ~ Miharu Katsuki
Gender ~ Male
Race ~ Linzin
Family ~ None
Age ~ 17
Height ~ 5’ 7”
Weight ~ 142.3 lbs.
Birthplace ~ Nirvana, Luce
Alignment ~ Neutral Good

  • Sweets (particularly chocolate)
  • Fruit
  • Activity
  • Fighting
  • Friends and Family
  • Scary/Dark things/creatures

  • Eleanor standards
  • Absolute dependence
  • Vegetables


A flame will provide you with much warmth. Though going astray with it will cause an unrelenting inferno...

An energetic and optimistic boy at heart, Miharu never seems to try and search out the bad in life. A Linzin that can get quite rowdy and enjoys immense activity, he maintains a confident and cool nature in about everything he does. Sometimes he tends to act childish in situations, but that is because of his abated maturity. He tends to be charmingly amusing, providing worthwhile teasing and provoking comments.

But nothing gets him more pumped than fighting; the rush of adrenaline and his Blood Tiger instincts incite an excitement and bloodlust like no other. However, this ruthlessness only stems from his absolute desire to never cave in nor be helpless ever again. A resolute philosophy for him is never wait for someone to save you. You take matters into your own hands. You create your own freedom.

Miharu, despite his carefree nature, is not oblivious to the world. His mood with certain people is dependent on how he acts towards them; sometimes it may be different if he actually likes a certain trait of the person. He has no qualms about disregarding the law nor causing any form of destruction for what he believes is right and for the general peace. His more darker traits, besides his bloodthirsty fighting, is his animosity towards the Eleanor race. He knows that not all Eleanor are bound to be the same as their traditions assumingly adheres them to, but his past will not settle the bad blood.

With all these aggressive stances and strong outlooks, Miharu does not stray from an attitude that expresses compassion. He is always happy and excited to make new friends whenever he can on his adventure. The Linzin will go to absolute limits to make sure his family and friends will remain untouched and safe. Not only that, but he does not hesitate to give a helping hand to those that require it. From his brutal experiences, life is too short to be only selfish and mean to others. So why not enjoy it from a friendly perspective? Why not enjoy your freedom?


A late bloomer, ready to express himself to the world.

Despite his age, Miharu is a boy of average height and childlike appearance. A heart-shaped face and smooth, apricot-toned skin makes for a fairly typical Linzin appearance. Though, what really completes the features of his race is his fiery crimson cat ears and tail. Miharu also bears slightly more sharper and pronounced canines as apart of his feline traits as well. Miharu has rosy pink stopping at the end of his neck, it being in a slightly spiky yet mainly unkempt style. His bangs are fairly long as well, letting some particular ones hang over his left eye. Miharu also has the rare case of heterochromia, rendering his right eye his father’s fair blue and his left eye his mother’s amber-orange hue.

Miharu also has a distinctive yet light accent that he developed from his mother, that of the natives from Arcadia. His height and mild tone of voice would make most people believe he is younger than he actually is. Though that does not detract from his figure. His physique is lean yet athletic, courtesy of his copious amount of housework and playtimes with baby Dragons. Miharu also has very light and narrow scars on his arms, contrasting with the three more deep ones present on his back. The boy never let those memories overtake him; instead he chooses to brandish his either confident smirk or friendly grin.

The active Linzin prefers his attire to be short-sleeved to sleeveless shirts and dark cargo pants to provide for lighter movement. But his signature article of clothing is his snow white jacket that his mother created for him; the jacket has interesting black patterns running down the front with a unique design of a ebony flaming dragon to symbolize his new home. The hood is black and trimmed with red while the mid-cuffs are the same conception. Miharu also wears a black collar with a small white design on the left, having a treasured item hanging from its silver chain. A cross-shaped ornament of a refined Dragon fang bearing intricate etchings.

Miharu also sports some other apparel and accessories for convenience and simply because he enjoyed them. On his right hand, he wears a black fingerless glove along with a black-buckled and red wristband. He dons crossbelts, the first one used to tie his katana sheath to it and keep it and place while the other is to hold his chakram with a large clip. Two dagger holsters, one of each, are strapped against his thighs. Since he is travelling around, Miharu totes around a one-strap backpack with his equipment and essentials.


They said a hero is going to save us; so I’m not going to stand here.

Miharu’s life started off as a loving, laughing and serene environment. Being born in Luce, his Linzin parents believed that it would be a pleasant beginning for their new family after the pair has spent all of their marriage travelling the mainland of Spera. His mother was an independent and strong individual, being a general in a military force in Terra. She is the most domineering yet also most protective member in the family. His father, being just as strong in personality, had an occupation of a biological scientist specializing in the field of technology. He was more serious and was always mollified by Miharu’s mother’s warm nature.

When the young Linzin was of three years of age, the family planned a vacation to Destino to celebrate their three happy years as a family. It was going wonderful... until the last day.

Unknowing of the slavery activity going on in Destino, Miharu’s family was captured by Eleanor slave owners when they were about to depart from the unsuspecting country. Miharu’s father was stripped away from the thrashing mother, who was clinging the child desperately. Miharu and his mother was transferred to a camp that held Linzin woman and children in captivity while his father was transferred to another part of the country that held Linzin men. His whereabouts, whether he escaped or not, are still unknown to this day.

Miharu’s mother was immediately put to the hard labor for early rebellious nature, Miharu himself being placed within a cell since he is too young to do any work. Even though he was unable to do work, it did not subtract from the awful cries that resounded and yearned for his “lost parents.” After four years of isolation, comforted by daily visits from his mother, he was a servant to the three children of one of the Eleanor slave owners. The work itself was unpleasant, even if there wasn’t any tedious block building involved. Two of the haughty and spoiled Eleanor children would force him to do degrading whims; he was even involved in sexual molestation.

However, the one Eleanor child did not find her siblings actions amusing in the least. If it wasn’t for this young woman, Miharu would’ have had terrible outlook on Eleanor people as a whole. She herself had a superiority complex, but it was never overbearing. Sometimes, she would even sneak food for the child in order to take back for him, his cellmate Lan, and his mother. This considerate exchange was the only thing Miharu actually enjoyed about his work for the next two years; until they were found out.

As punishment, Miharu suffered severe lesions and bloodied scars across his back. The Eleanor daughter tried to justify it as a form of compensation for his efforts, but the slave owner ignored her excuse. Instead of physically punishing the Eleanor daughter, and to her horror, Miharu was delivered a second brutal beating in place of her. Miharu was transferred to hard labor to construct massive buildings alongside the other slaves. His terrible injuries hindered his work for the first few months, earning him little to no food for his first year as a laborer. The only way he gained nourishment was from Lan sneaking food and his mother. Ultimately, his malnourishment has set back his maturity significantly when he became a teenager.
However, just because his physical adolescence has not taken place, it did not mean the same effect upon his psyche. He began to feel this gnawing feeling clawing at him every time he was starving, got injured while working or punished for his “wrongdoings.” It was definitely anger, no doubt; however, it felt like it was much more than just sheer anger. And the breaking point was what happened to his mother.

Miharu just happened to spot her, for the first time, working away like it was the last thing she would ever do. The last thing she could ever do for her son. Miharu always knew of his mother’s resilience, steel-willed promises and resistance to giving out. But can that really suffice from the clear exhaustion on her? One of the guards that was watching over her work, noticed her slow progress and whipped her back into pace. Something was starting to bend... A tear coming from her eyes. More tension... Why did this have to keep happening?

Snap was the sound Miharu’s sense seemed reverberate throughout his body. He started to see red, literally; he didn’t know when he started running at the guard, but the next chain of events involved sharp teeth being introduced to a thick neck and blood being born. Miharu did everything he could to the guard: punching, biting, clawing. Anything just to make this guy dead before him; and it seemed to be successful. Crimson painted his hands, face and mouth with malice. The feeling was good, delicious even. But he didn’t have time to become enthralled in his victory.

Miharu did not bat an eye back on his decisions. He took the guard’s bladed weapon while he kept his mom close at hand. Conveniently, Lan seemed to run into the pair with obvious shock. Miharu, not wanting to explain, flat out told the boy, “We’re leaving.” Of course Miharu received the madness and “You’re crazy” rant from the boy, except it went in one ear and came out the other. He was only concerned with the river they pair now came upon. Naturally, it was guarded, but only lightly. He took the chance anyways.

After the Linzin bid farewell to his fellow race member, he charged forward bared his heart out as he amateurly slashed and hacked at the guards. Now he knew what was driving him; pure resolve to change. And it was working to his advantage in morale strength. The boy suffered some wounds, only disregarding it for the sake of his current leadership at the moment. His heart almost sunk from the sight of gunships awaiting any challenging fugitives, but steels himself as his mother steps forward.

They were effectively and stealthily able to sneak through the forested areas near the river, avoiding the sight of the guardsmen and gunships. Although the travel was treacherous and long, the mother and son soon entered the mysterious country of Arcadia. The beaten and battered family did not know what would await them when they are discovered by some playful, young dragons and their mother drake.

The family was welcomed into the specific clan of dragons, with both scrutiny and curiosity. Miharu’s mother explained their situation and story to the Elder Dragon, who had shown such deep remorse and sympathy that Miharu couldn’t believe it. The Elder Dragon accepted them both into the Draconean community, and soon they became quite familiar faces. The Dragons even built a quaint house for the Linzin family to live in. Miharu, after losing his slightly bony physique, started doing some chores, community work and even played with the baby dragons while their parents were busy.

Over a period of time, Miharu even started taking up doing some practice fighting with his mother so that he can have a sense of self-defense. She left it up to Miharu to determine what he wants to do with the rest of his life. The question boggled his mind really. Looking back on his troubled life, the only thing that stunned him remotely as interesting was... the blood of that guard he spilled. It gave him an odd yet comforting feeling; not only resolve, but something different. What is it about fighting that makes his blood boil with excitement? Maybe that’s what he should pursue.

It pained him to leave his widowed mother, Draconic friends and new family, but Miharu also felt that he needed to pursue something in his life with his new free persona. Battling and sharpening his skills is definitely on his list of priorities, but why not get a fresh scope of the real world? It’ll be one surprise after another, and he is going to love it.

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Re: Miharu Katsuki

Post by Luci on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:41 pm

Weapon Arsenal

Miharu's Dragon Fang

"Child, this item is not only a mere luck charm; but think of it as your weapon to cleave restrictions and carve a resolve."


  • Katana


  • Small Dagger
  • Large Dagger
  • Chakram


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Re: Miharu Katsuki

Post by Luci on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:43 pm

Battle Repertoire

(6 / 20)


  • Pyrokinesis :
    The manipulation of fire. The user gains the ability to excite or speed up an atom, thus igniting their thermal energies. This emerges as the superheated element known as fire.
  • Enhanced Strength:
    The user gains the ability to access an incredibly large reservoir of strength, which can be used to power their attacks. They can bypass most weight and density limitations, being capable of moving things that are far exceeding their weight limit. They can crush, bend, and otherwise maneuver many heavy objects, also being capable of blasting through many types of hard-to-maneuver obstacles; like titanium.
  • Aerokinesis (Free):
    The manipulation of wind. The user gains the ability to control the wind around them, using it in application of many different types of abilities.

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Re: Miharu Katsuki

Post by Demi on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:38 am

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Re: Miharu Katsuki

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