Cycle 3

Race Census M F
Human 2 1
Linzin 1 2
Elenor 1 2
Ul'Torin - -
Draconean 1 1
Ronoan - -
Avial - -
Jingai - 1
Total 5 7
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Blood & Shadow

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Blood & Shadow Empty Blood & Shadow

Post by kat admi on Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:39 am

Blood & Shadow Bsads

The Council has tried to destroy all vampires in Mystic Falls and while many fell, some survived. Unaware that Katherine has just for all intents and purposes killed Caroline, Bonnie has her own problems to deal with. Namely, some spell that hit her and her grandmother hard. She finds the answers lay in Chance Harbor and leaves to find them. Meanwhile Caroline wakes up now a vampire, in the hospital. Confused and frightened she runs into another patient, a stranger that had gotten into a car accident just outside of town. Diana Meade finds herself alone in a strange town, her beau having left as soon as he recovered. It doesn't take her long to realize this scared young woman is a vampire, having read quite a bit about them in her family's book of shadows.

Four very powerful, and very dark Balcoin witches are on their way to Chance Harbor, just as the Original Vampires are on their way to Mystic Falls. Both have more in common and bigger stakes in the doppelganger and the magic the circle harbors. Now the friends in Mystic Falls will need to work with Bonnie's cousin and her friends in Chance Harbor if any of them are to survive the workings of

Blood & Shadow


we are a Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries crossover game that takes place in season two of both shows.

Melissa Glaser
Damon Salvatore
Jake Armstrong

kat admi

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