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Fenres Empty Fenres

Post by Ellie~ on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:11 pm

Name: Fenres (plural Fenre, singular Fenres)
Type: Mammal
Class: F
Terrestrial Locomotion: Quadrupedal
Population: Slightly Rare
Location: Aracadian forests, Luce, Ora, Vivos, Ventus, Terra
Tamability: Level 1

Appearance: Fenre are rodent like creatures with long lanky bodies and come in a variety of colors from white to brown to black, and a mixture of those colors. They have small triangular ears, four short feet with claws on them, and a lanky skinny tail. They normally have beady black eyes and black whiskers, though their eyes can be brown or even sometimes blue (usually cream colored Fenres).
Behavior: Usually live by themselves in the wild and are normally seen in forests or prairies and do not particularly like water though they have the ability to swim. They can live in cold climates but have shorter fur so they tend to live in temperate climates. They tend to stay away from humans but can be scouting around on the outskirts of villages and such. They are very skiddish creatures though some have been known to be pets. They are scavengers and normally eat berries, fruits, nuts and plants.

Size: Regular
Height: 5 to 7inches
Weight: 1-3 lbs.

  • N/A

Energy Level Class: E

  • N/A

Strength: 2
Defense: 1
Magic: 1
Weapon: 0
Speed: 1

Discoverer: Elleanore (Ellie) Wrightsworth

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Fenres Empty Re: Fenres

Post by Demi on Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:51 am


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