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Nightquest: An Original Fantasy RP

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Nightquest: An Original Fantasy RP

Post by Ang on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:45 pm

Nightquest is an original fantasy RP inspired by the main concepts of the Finnish metal band, Nightwish, although in no way do you need to even like the band to play with us. Any lyrics appropriate to the content are always posted on the board, so even if they aren’t your thing, you don’t have to bother. We are very laid back and always willing to plot anything with anyone. There is at least one post made every day. There are NO activity checks, although a PM or email will be sent out by the admin to any member who hasn’t posted in a couple of weeks, but ONLY to check up on things. We also have no word count. There are three worlds for you to play in, with portals connecting them to each other that characters can use to travel through to get between the worlds. There is…

Gethsemane, a battleground in the throes of a never-ending series of conflict between angels and demons, with humans living in-between. Some humans know about these beings and the species conflicts, others don’t. Then there are others who know but attempt to remain out of things. Its infamous little ‘creek’ is also home to many a mermaid, kept a secret by one of the town’s water witches. There are sirens, too, kept alive by the very instruments they aim to play for life.

Then there is Swanbrook, is a small town community whose focal point is the small college it boasts whose students aren’t all completely human. Witches use their magic freely and on a daily basis in this town while shifters roam its streets, sometimes as rogues, other times as a familiar to one of its witches. There are other supernaturals living among these humans and inhumans, but not every human is aware that they are living among more than just witches and their familiars.

Last but not least, there’s Imaginaerum, a dark circus run mainly by witches who train shifters, sometimes even an occasional faerie, into performing for the crowd. There are refugees hidden in the woods surrounding this world too, but being a refugee is obviously dangerous, and you’re lucky to escape the circus alive, for once you escape, the Hunters are out to get you. Once you escape the Circus, few choices are offered to you. Live the rest of your life in hiding and hope you aren’t caught by one, or die being brought back to the very place you sought to leave behind forever.


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