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Skill List #3 (Lucifer)

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Skill List #3 (Lucifer) Empty Skill List #3 (Lucifer)

Post by Luci on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:17 am

The user is capable of generating or manipulating the atoms called photons, a quantum of light.

  • User can use bright energies to attack
  • Can summon light-composed energy blasts, volleys, beams, etc.
  • Able to construct weapons, forcefields, armors, etc. of light
  • User can ride light waves, granting flight or levitation
  • Can summon light-created limbs or constructs to attack/confuse
  • User can bend or shift light particles to cause illusions or confusion

  • In the darkness, the Light energy is weakened by three Complexity Levels. In normal areas of light, the energy is at its base amount.
  • Unless one is at a higher rank, then it may be possible to manipulate solar energy.

Learning Curve
It's almost impossible to get this skill right off the bat. It requires some of the most studious of people to completely understand. The user can usually submit about 16 posts of them actively learning it.

Ash Manipulation
The ability to manipulate or summon burnt or charred matter.

  • The user can generate or summon ashes
  • Containing residual heat, causing temperature-based damage (e.g. burns)
  • Can create constructs, weapons, walls, armors, etc. of ashes
  • Being burnt matter and cannot burn again, ashes can resist and possibly smother it (i.e. pyrokinesis)
  • Particle size allows it to constrain, capture or suffocate opponents

  • The more ash the user generates, the more energy it will take up.
  • The user is unable to completely cover any wide area with ashes unless it is enclosed
  • Those who can control the wind are capable of dispersing any and all ashes.
  • Ashes can absorb water, hardening it and making it difficult to use (i.e. hydrokinesis)

Learning Curve
Learning this skill takes incredible perseverance, as well as a sturdy foundation for studying and practice. The user can usually submit about 12 posts of them actively learning it.

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Skill List #3 (Lucifer) Empty Re: Skill List #3 (Lucifer)

Post by Demi on Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:54 am

Learners (Photokinesis)

Learners (Ash Manipulation)

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