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Teran Hound

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Post by Nyx on Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:30 pm

Teran Hound

Teran Hound 1354448622-beagle

Name: Teran Hound
Type: Mammal
Class: D
Terrestrial Locomotion: quadrupedal
Population: Populous
Location: Terra, Sky, Fang, Aeon
Tamability: 2

Appearance: Teran Hounds appear has a beautiful tri-colored animal. They are multicolored with brown, red-brown, white and black. In some instances you will find a Teran Hound that is a cream brown with white.
Behavior: Teran Hounds like to keep to themselves. They are natural born hunters and will go anywhere with their owners. And they will go into a protective mode at the blink of an eye.

Size: Regular
Height: 13-16 inches
Weight: 20-26 lbs (pounds)

  • Geokinesis - The manipulation of earth. The user gains the ability to control and manipulate earthbound things, most commonly rocks and boulders. This extends to sand and dirt, which is sometimes called Abacomancy.
  • Sense Manipulation - The user has the ability to sense anything approaching the user. The user can either prepare itself for battle or it can simple run away.
  • Sound Manipulation - The user has the ability to generate high pitched sounds. By any means necessary.

Energy Level Class: D

  • None

Strength: 2
Defense: 2
Magic: 1
Weapon: 1
Speed: 2


"This some mannerism of yours is becoming a problem." - Meifang
"I will rule through intimidation and fear." - Erebus

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