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Snow Ariana

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Snow Ariana Empty Snow Ariana

Post by Demi on Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:02 am

Snow Ariana 6c3fY

Snow Ariana

Gender | Female
Race | Human
Family | N/A
Age | 19
Height | 5'9"
Weight | 138.6 lbs.
Birthplace | Hyuran Village, Dusk Forest
Alignment: True Neutral

Primary Inventory
  • Basic Pistol
  • -- 20 Pack/Pistol Ammunition
  • Basic Sabre

Secondary Inventory
  • Level 1, Secondary Item Containment Unit (10 CL)
    • Basic Greatsword
    • Basic Bolas
    • Basic Dagger (Small)
    • Basic Dagger (Large)

  • Level 1, Apparel/Equipment Containment Unit (10 CL)

"I wouldn't have it any other way. If I could turn back time and change everything, I would simply turn the other cheek. Time can't be changed. Destiny, however, is a fickle bitch."

Determined - Snow is, for lack of better words, simpleminded. She can be rather up front and driven about her goals. She very rarely wavers in her quest for redemption over the actions she's committed in her life. Whenever she has something she deems important or precedent, she will pursue it to completion; no matter the stakes. The entire world crashing her, time and space torn asunder, and even the fabric of reality ripping about her will not stop Snow from achieving her goals.

Fearless - Whenever faced with impossible odds, Snow will take them on with a brave face and calm demeanor. While she is rather overbearing in her style of fighting, she is rightfully so due to her valkyrian lifestyle. The brunette never fails to bring the heat whenever it is needed, and will do so with not so much as batting an eye.

Bloodthirsty - One of her more negative traits. Snow has a tendency to be exceedingly bloodthirsty and violent when in combat. For those who meet her, they tend to call her something akin to a "trigger-happy tiger"; one who shoots, maims, kills, tortures, and eviscerates first and asks questions later. While she is very selective of her foes, she is nonetheless extremely ruthless and unfeeling in battle.

Dodgy - Quite possibly her greatest flaw in her personality. Snow has a bad tendency to dodge questions that deals with her personal history or background. She will usually react abrasively or otherwise standoffish to any questions pertaining to her life. When dealt with odds she cannot overcome by herself, she will not welcome any who decide to remind her of any failure on her part.

Unfeeling - Snow is shown to be incredibly unfeeling and steely towards others. She does not smile much at all; and any attempts to make her do so will normally end in failure. It has actually been proven by some that she smiles, in public, a grand total of three times a year. None know if she actually lets off a smirk or two in private, but they can only assume that to be a negative.

Caring - Despite not smiling, Snow is shown to be a bit of a protectorate. She is almost completely willing to help those she deems worthy enough. Whether they be weak or poor, if she sees potential in them; she will help. However, should they be anything less than what her standards call for; she will not lift a finger. This will only happen on the off-chance that she gets roped into it, somehow.

  • Likes
    Tank tops
    Late Night TV
    Ice Cream

  • Dislikes

Snow Ariana 0rNsK

A valkyrian beauty of the highest order. Snow is a tall woman, reaching up to 5'9" in height. She is of a slim build, with muscle toned into slight abs packed on her abdomen and strong arms. With long, milky brown hair layered into a flaying style with striking sapphire colored eyes, she is truly a beauty most untamed. Her shoulders are strong, making indication to her heavy training with weaponry.

Going downward, the woman possesses a very reasonable bust size of 34C; normal for those who train themselves as frequently as she. Snow is normally found in a tank top of sorts. She is normally seen in her cargo capri pants, which are normally there to serve as regular holding pouches in lieu of her containment units. She wears a belt around her waist that keeps many of her weaponry under check. This belt includes many types of equipment that she gains and collects over time.

Finally venturing downward, we have long legs that extend down into brown combat boots. These boots are used for treading the more unsightly paths of the Speran world. As a huntress, Snow takes great pride in her power; and boots that limit fashion but promote skill and efficiency are exactly what fit the bill for her. The girl can also be seen in many other types of shoewear; including sneakers and the occasional high-heeled shoes for formal events.

Snow Ariana BDDjr

"She's beautiful... so kind. So pure. Her name needs to fit that... Snow. Her name will be Snow."

Born to a merchant father and priestess mother, Snow Ariana was a kind young baby originating from the Dusk Forest. Growing up, the girl was treated much like a princess. From ages two through four, Snow was extremely spoiled; being given numerous gifts and boons from her mother and father. She led an uneventful little life with the rest of the sparse human population of the island providence.

Her father's job was that of a powerful merchant, gaining status on the island as a grand salesman. Many people from all over had decidedly come to buy his products, as he served nothing but the most fine of quality things. These ranged from weaponry to herbs, all the things that the populace would need.

Her mother, however, was a priestess. She was an avid believer in the religion of Benifilevue, the God of Creation of the Enzo Religion. This religion is native to the Dusk Forest, not really spreading much. She taught Snow all of the things that she would need to lead a peaceful and happy life. The information was always welcomed by the girl, who found it to be very interesting.

For a while things were perfect.

"In fact, it was so good... that it simply made that day even more of a tragedy."

At the age of 8, Snow was given the rudest awakening possible from the wonderland her parents had set for her. Her home, in the middle of the night, was visited by a strange person. The young girl awoke to the sound of a rustling in her kitchen. Upon walking down the stairs, weapon in-hand, she found a boy rummaging through her refrigerator.

The boy was strange. He was a beautiful, white-haired specimen with the most luminous shade of crimson eyes. He looked to be around her age, if not a little older. However, his most surprising features were his wing-like protrusions coming from where his ears would be. When she asked who he was, he simply replied "Demi". The girl was very fearful of the boy; understandable, considering that he'd broken into her home uninvited.

After explaining himself; telling a story of him escaping the "mothers" of his race. He told a story of his oppression by them, how they disallowed the use of any type of magic, weaponry, or anything remotely dangerous in any way, possible. Snow, the young kind soul that she, sympathized with the young man. When her father came running into the kitchen, she explained to him the entire story.

He knew. The boy was an Ul'Torin. However, he told Snow that they were dangerous. When questioned by her, he simply responded that "he was like a baby to a black widow"; one simply to dangerous to be around for fear of retaliation. The boy, on his way out of the house hours later, tripped and fell. He scraped himself, but refused to get any medical treatment from Snow's mother.

There was peace for a few days. No sign of the boy.

However, retaliation came quickly. The Ul'Torin took siege to their home. Their reasoning? The boy's scrape was blamed on them. For having hurt one of the last remaining males in their society, the Ul'Torin made sure to eliminate all of those who stood in their way. Their manor was burned down, with Snow's parents inside.

The girl was spared, instead being forced to watch. If that wasn't enough of a blow to her, evident by her streaming tears and screams of grief; the Ul'Torin woman that held her had told her "this is what happens to those who mistreat our people." Snow fell into shock, blacking out soon.

"Fending for yourself was not an easy thing to do. But, I was able to manage. Because, it was necessary. When you're faced with drastic measures, you gain a new outlook on life. You cling to it. And hope to god that you'll survive your trials."

By age 10, the girl was out on the streets of Dusk Forest; forced to fend for herself. Travelling into the famous wilderness, she found shelter in a tree. Her troubles came in threes; with beasts of all kinds attacking her left and right, Ul'Torin resistance to cross over their various borders on the island, and impending starvation setting into her. The girl was thrust into a situation completely alien from her.

It was when she neared age 11, sick of living on only fruit, that she discovered an injured animal. Against her guilt, her sorrow, was a need to feed and survive. With this in mind, she killed the creature was a rock; opting to cook it with a fire and eat it. Her first real meal in ages had rejuvenated her. She'd grown anorexic from undernourishment. Birds and small, defenseless animals were easy prey. However, this would not be enough to sustain her.

Gaining back her energy, the young girl's eyes were opened to harsh reality. Her smile, jovial and large, had faded long before. Hard pressed onto her face, now, was only a glare that exceeded her years. She was tired. Tired of being weak. Weakness would get her killed.

And thus, she began to train herself. Living off of the land, stealing from merchants on the coast - despite the painful memories that brought back, and having long since abandoned prayer to her "god". She procured a bow and arrows, which she trained in proficiently. By the age of 14, she was able to keep her life in check through her training.

"You know the funny thing about 'miracles'? They come when you get your shit fucked thrice. It's okay to feel nothing of them. Not like it would make any difference to the pain and suffering you went through to earn them."

A miracle finally shined on the girl. Through a grapevine, she found that her family's fortune was still protected by the law of Spera. This was good for her. After a year or so of listening in, and proving her identity to the Senate members that visited her; she was able to regain her fortune.

The girl was able to gain another home, one a little bigger than the last. This home became her sanctuary, with food and clothing coming from her remaining funds. However, she had enough awareness to know that those funds would not last long. She would need a steady source of income. However, for a sheltered - well, not sheltered any more - young girl of 15 years old, she did not know much of what she wanted to do.

It was only after an attempted robbery of her home, the likes of which she saw a gun in action for the first time, that she knew what she wanted to do. She would become what she knew how to do; a killer. A mercenary of the highest caliber.

It was through research that she found that she was what people called a "Bounty Hunter" or "Hitman". A murderer.

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Snow Ariana Empty Re: Snow Ariana

Post by Demi on Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:03 am

Skill/Ability Repertoire

(19 / 20)

Five Auras
"The Five Auras are the spiritual embodiments of the warrior spectrum. Through their body flows the potential to unleash the innate strength of the God of War, Noviua. In their strength and potential, it comes with the price of slow but sure energy expenditure."
- Snow Ariana, on the skill of Five Auras

Command Center
"The user gains the ability to open up the Command Center; a holographic screen made of magic and technological advancement. With the Command Center, they are capable of altering things and fighting remotely from the spot they are in. With this Command Center, they are able to have incredibly versatile fields of effect that will help them in the long run."
- Snow Ariana, on the skill of Command Center

"The user has the ability to transform into a beast. This beast is made to be a new, powerful transformation for them; allowing for many shifts and changes in not only stats, but fighting styles and even mobility. Personality, shape, weight, height, etc. is all up to the user. However, losing control has always been a problem."
- Snow Ariana, reading the skill of Transformation

Enhanced Marksmanship (Free)
"Those with this ability have the capability to use ranged weaponry to its fullest potential. They have deadly accuracy while using them, and can normally use many types of trick shots and complicated maneuvers in the higher levels."
- Snow Ariana, practicing the skill of Enhanced Marksmanship

"The user gains the ability to create frameworks and programs at a rate most astounding. They are the technical geniuses, knowing the ins and outs of the programs they create."
- Snow Ariana, on the element of IT/Programming

New Wonder

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Snow Ariana Empty Snow Ariana - Upgrade Portion

Post by Demi on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:15 am

Accepted by Demi. Welcome to Spera, new character.

As per the rules, your entire thread will be locked. If you require us to unlock it, you may only do so for a few edits. We will automatically lock anything if you do not tell us what you are doing to your profile. Remember to visit the Upgrade Request if you feel that you gain anything that changes the fields below.

Strength: 103
Defense: 166
Magic: 106
Weapon: 210
Speed: 115

Experience Points: 1,005

Character Type: Tank Breaker

Bank Balance: 10,000 Money

Appreciation Slot

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Snow Ariana Empty Re: Snow Ariana

Post by Demi on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:27 am


TransformationLevelPictureSkillsCapabilities/LimitationsStats Spread
White WolfMaverickReferenceEnhanced Condition

Enhanced Strength


One-Man Army
  • Capable of running up to speeds that are double Snow's normal amount.
  • Capable of fitting into tight spaces by relaxing muscles.
STR: +150
DEF: +80
MAG: +40
WEP: +0
SPD: +80
Blade RavenMaverickReferenceAerokinesis

Darkness Manipulation

Enhanced Condition

  • Capable of flight.
  • Has an eyesight of 20/2.
STR: +40
DEF: +80
MAG: +80
WEP: +0
SPD: +150
Atlas, the DestroyerChampionReferenceGeokinesis


Enhanced Strength

One-Man Army
  • Incredibly large, being around 195 ft. in height.
STR: +262
DEF: +150
MAG: +99
WEP: +0
SPD: +89

Snow Ariana Lightning-FFXIII-2
"So now, I lie in crystal; waiting until the end of eternity."

"Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever." - Erebus, to Snow and Miharu.

Character Creation
Game & Story
Snow Ariana

Plot/Permissions Page
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Snow Ariana Empty Re: Snow Ariana

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