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Northern Thread Notes

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Northern Thread Notes Empty Northern Thread Notes

Post by Luci on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:07 pm

Whenever you create your thread, you must always have the Thread Notes in your beginning post. These notes are very easy, but nonetheless important in your thread. This helps identify what the thread is made to be used for.

This will help with the clutter, as well as keep everything centrally located within the forum.

  • RP Type
    The RP type is what type of RP will be going on within this particular thread. When you choose your RP types, you must choose one of the four. You can never have more than one type.
      Regular - A regular RP thread is what will be posted, here. All regular RP rules are to be stated by the thread initiator.

      On-Location - This thread is dealing with a registered location. No specific storyline or RP is ever followed unless through an external event, and players simply enter and exit of their own free will within these threads.

      Event - This thread has been approved for creation purposes from an accepted quest or event by the staff and Game Masters. You must have registered NPC users hired for this thread. Only Game Masters and staff can create these!

      Coliseum - This thread is simply for combat/sparring purposes.

      Training - This thread is purely for training purposes. Whether or not the training is public or private must be made clear within the exclusiveness.

  • Location
    What is the location this thread is based in? You may only choose one location. No one is allowed to travel to another location within this thread. Because you are in the Northern portion, you must choose from the Northern Spera locations inside of the Maps and Locations thread.

  • Description
    Give a short description on what the thread will be about. Make sure to be clear enough for people to understand exactly what's going on. Two to three sentences is all that's needed.

  • Time
    What time is this thread taking place? Use regular time, here. This will allow you to keep track of the day and nighttime system.

  • Rules
    What are the rules for the RP? As the initiator, you have the volition to create any rule that will be fair. No rules are allowed to exempt you from any type of DQ Time, disadvantage, etc.

  • Exclusiveness
    The exclusiveness of the entire thread is to be posted here. You must choose one of the following.
      Public - The thread is available for anyone to enter, so long as they have a registered character.

      Private - The thread is private to only a select few people or group of people. Those allowed must be posted within the beginning post, as well.

      Invite - The thread is invite-only. You must ask permission or be invited prior to the thread before you are allowed to join.

  • Death Setting
    You must set the Death Setting here. Here are the two options available.
      On - Characters can die in this thread if it is reasonable.

      Off - Characters are not allowed to die in this thread.

  • Related NPCs
    Make sure to give a list of the NPCs that you will be bringing into the RP. They do not have to be registered, but any combat against them is not possible unless you register a creature profile for them. For any creatures that will be related, you must create their creature profiles before any combat with them is initiated. Attempting to do so beforehand is not allowed.

[quote][b]RP Type:[/b]
[b]Death Setting:[/b]
[b]Related NPCs:[/b][/quote]
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