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Post by Demi on Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:34 am


The user has the ability to transform into a beast. This beast is made to be a new, powerful transformation for them; allowing for many shifts and changes in not only stats, but fighting styles and even mobility. Personality, shape, weight, height, etc. is all up to the user. However, losing control has always been a problem.

Special Rules
  • All users have an innate transformation counter of 20. This counter represents how many forms a user can have under their belt before they are magically incapable of learning any more. The different levels of transformation a user can have will expend a certain amount.
    LevelAmount Expended
  • The number of stat points one can bring toward their transformation is entirely dependent on how powerful the transformation is.
    • Underling: 100
    • Maverick: 350
    • Champion: 600

  • No skill/ability from your transformations carry over to your regular form.

  • All aspiring users must speak with the administrator via PM about their abilities for an in-depth view on what it can be.

  • All transformations are capable of having abilities that the user can set. No matter the level, the user is capable of adding up to 4 skills to the transformation, so long as they are Research and Taught skills. Otherwise, the user will never have any capability to use them.
    • Similarly, if the user has the ability in their regular form, they will be capable of passing it over to their new one. (i.e: If the user has Necrokinesis, they will be able to pass it over).
  • The user will be capable of posting up to three different things that this transformation allows for them, not dealing with any type of power. This includes any traits, such as flight or speedy running (no super speed).
  • The user will be capable of spreading stats to their creature, which will tell how much they will have from their on stats. All of the stats they spread, depending on the level, must equal a certain amount.
  • The creature is capable of becoming anything the user chooses, so long as it is not a deity or any character/NPC within any work of fandom, series, show, book. No NPC is capable of being a transformation. No creature from Spera can be a transformation.

  • All transformation skills/abilities will not carry over unless the character had it to begin with. Having them in the transformation will not make it easier to train for.
  • All transformations take up a certain amount of energy to perform.
    • Underling: 10 Energy
      Maverick: 30 Energy
      Champion: 50 Energy
  • No stat spread is capable of going over the amount given.
  • No creature is allowed to have something that raises their stats, directly.
  • All capabilities given must follow the Skill Restrictions.
  • No creature is capable of having any skill that does not exist.
  • One is only able to maintain a transformation for a maximum of 10 posts in battle, before they transform back. During this time, one has 200 Energy to expend on attacks. You are not able to recover anything from your previous form.

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Re: Transformation

Post by Demi on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:26 am

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