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Power Medic/Medical Knowledge W.I.P.

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Power Medic/Medical Knowledge W.I.P.

Post by Luci on Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:53 pm

Power Medic
The Power Medic ability allows someone to access reservoirs of medical skill, which allow them to deal with themselves and others medically. It is a very important skill a combatant must learn in order to have any chance at healing themselves during bouts. While one can have the ability to know Medical Knowledge, but they would require Power Medic skills to actually implement it.

To use Power Medic without wasting energy, one requires medical equipment to be used. You can find them in the Technology and Science. Without the Medical Knowledge skill, the user will be unable to heal someone due to not knowing where and how to heal.

  • The user has the ability to summon up magic to use on the target area, which they can utilize to heal injuries or wounds.
  • Can use medical equipment/medicines to heal others, which will require no energy; at the expense of using up the equipment.
  • Can increase the condition level of themselves or someone for 50 Energy, exactly.

  • Cannot create new medical equipment or medicines without technological prowess, such as having the Science Mastery, Black Technology, or Encyclopedic Knowledge skill.
  • The severity of the wound will determine how much energy is depleted if magic is used for it.
  • The amount of items required for a wound or injury will be determined by its severity.

Medical Knowledge
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