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The Wood Frog

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The Wood Frog

Post by Nyx on Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:30 pm

Wood Frog

Name: Wood Frog
Type: Amphibious, Biospheric
Class: F
Terrestrial Locomotion: Quadrupedal
Population: Populous
Location: In all Speran forests
Tamability: 5

Appearance: The Wood frogs appear as a light to dark brown range in color. They have a 2-stripes on their bodies, like racing stripes down the their back. Their eyes also have dark circles around them, almost as if they were wearing individual masks for their eyes.
Behavior: Wood frogs are very nice in nature. They are not ones to rude or attack you if you get close to them. They will greet you warmly and they'll move on.

Size: Miniscule
Height: 5 inches
Weight: 1 ounce

  • Hydrokinesis - The manipulation of water. The user has the ability to manipulate the atoms within water, multiplying them rapidly. This allows for the user to be capable of moving the water to their will and command, being able to perform multiple feats with it.
  • Geokinesis - The manipulation of earth. The user gains the ability to control and manipulate earthbound things, most commonly rocks and boulders. This extends to sand and dirt, which is sometimes called Abacomancy.
  • Reactive Adaptation - The user has the ability to adapt to any new environment that they are faced with. The adaption can either be very instant or the next time that the user is faced with said threat, they will know how to deal with it better.

Energy Level Class: E

  • None

Strength: 0.5
Defense: 0.5
Magic: 0.5
Weapon: 0.5
Speed: 1.0


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