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Post by Nyx on Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:28 pm

Meifang Crane_BN-21Jun04QHLake3-w

Name Meifang

Type Ghoul, Atmospheric

Class C

Terrestrial Locomotion Flight

Population Singular

Tamability Level 5

Location With Erebus at all times

Appearance Appears as a natural white Crane bird. Nothing to special about the appearance.

Behavior Meifang is a very calm female Crane spirit at heart. She speaks in a kind voice, as she is there to protect Erebus in his time of need. She understands Erebus' distant nature after the incident, but she still tries her best to get him to open up.

While being a spirit, Meifang, has the ability to give real world attacks. She does this whenever she is called upon.

Size Regular

Height 3'3"

Weight 26 lbs (pounds)


Description - The manipulation of wind. The user gains the ability to control the wind around them, using it in application of many different types of abilities.

One Man Army
Description - This is the ability to take on a large group as if you yourself were a large group. You can handle things on your own single-handedly.

Sound Manipulation
Description - The user has the ability to generate high pitched sounds. By any means necessary.

Energy Level Class: E

Strength: 2.0
Defense: 2.0
Magic: 1.0
Weapon: 1.0
Speed: 2.0


"This some mannerism of yours is becoming a problem." - Meifang
"I will rule through intimidation and fear." - Erebus

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