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Post by Demi on Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:44 pm

Quan'Lag ZskGT

Name: Quan'Lag
Type: Ghoul, Atmospheric
Class: S
Terrestrial Locomotion: Quadrupedal
Population: Singular
Location: Deadlands
Tamability: 5

Gargantuan in size. Has large claws, used for ripping and shredding. Numerous jewels around the sides of the body, which utilize elemental magic, as well as a powerful body that can both withstand and dish out attacks by a disastrous amount.

As the "Guardian of the Deadlands", Quan'Lag is a very prideful and kind Ghoul. Living for more than 28,000 years, he is considered to be incredibly wise and well-versed in the ways of the world. When angered, Quan'Lag becomes incredibly deadly, attacking any and all who threaten his homeland.

Size: Gargantuan
Height: 447'09"
Weight: 1132 tons

  • Psychokinesis
    The user has the ability to use the mind as a weapon, summoning up blasts of power, moving objects without touching them, and even casting psychological attacks upon targets.

  • Pyrokinesis
    The manipulation of fire. The user gains the ability to excite or speed up an atom, thus igniting their thermal energies. This emerges as the superheated element known as fire.

  • Geokinesis
    The manipulation of earth. The user gains the ability to control and manipulate earthbound things, most commonly rocks and boulders. This extends to sand and dirt, which is sometimes called Abacomancy.

  • Aerokinesis
    The manipulation of wind. The user gains the ability to control the wind around them, using it in application of many different types of abilities.

  • Atom Manipulation
    The manipulation of particles, which allows the user to change the molecular structure of many things. With this power, they can transform a certain existing definitive into something else entirely, so long as said thing exists. The user, however, must have the individual techniques to know the molecular structure of each thing - so as to be capable of transforming them. The user also gains the ability to transport atomic mass from one thing to another.

  • Necrokinesis
    The manipulation of death-force energies, which allow the user to control the aspect of Death. With this skill, the user is capable of death-related attacks - such as diseases and rotting, resurrect the dead, and animate inanimate objects.

Energy Level Class: S


Strength: 6.8
Defense: 15.6
Magic: 22.7
Weapon: 1.0
Speed: 13.9

Discoverer: --
Head of Spera

Warning Level :
Quan'Lag Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100Quan'Lag Right_bar_bleue

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