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Skill Creation Information & Template

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Skill Creation Information & Template Empty Skill Creation Information & Template

Post by Luci on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:19 pm

Skill Creation Information & Template

    Creating a skill is much like creating a technique. However, the main difference is that a skill is the affinity; meaning that it is a general conception of a certain element.

    Once a skill is created and accepted, it will be put into the Tome of Powers.

Skill Name
    The name of the skill. This name always denotes what type of skill shall be used: much like Pyrokinesis being the use of fire, or Hydrokinesis being the use of water.

Skill Description
    The description of the skill capabilities. These skills all must have a certain description that allows the user to understand what they can use, as well as better help them be able to create techniques for the skill. The amount of text required here varies. If the ability is straightforward, then it will usually only require around one to two sentences. However, for more convoluted abilities, it will be longer.

    With this being said, know that there are rules for the creation and maintenance of Skills. All Skills are capable of being gained through a certain way, whether they be taught by someone or through other means. There are no Skills, like techniques, that can be impossible to gain.

    Just like techniques, Skills cannot be the same as another - nor can they be similar. If there is already a gravity-manipulating Skill, do not try to create another with changes or alterations to it. In addition, do not cross-create technique. Unless this skill doesn't exist, you must make sure that you never put something of another element within a technique. Making demonic fires and putting it under Darkness is not okay. It must go under either Demonic Manipulation or Pyrokinesis.

    All skills, just like techniques, are unable to be "automatically" given a user who creates it. Just because you create it, it does not mean that your character has it in their arsenal. Creating a skill means that the skill is in existence.

    What are the capabilities of the skill? Name everything that a character is capable of doing when they this skill. No one is allowed to deviate away from these capabilities, which will be saved and locked from editing. They cannot be changed.

    What are the limitations of the skill? Name what the character is incapable of doing, or is hindered by with this skill. Know that every skill is to have an incapability; nothing is completely exempt. All limitations must be reasonable - meaning, don't try and put a flaw being "it fits with your personality", or something to that effect. These must be palpable and capable of being an actual hindrance, no matter the character.
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