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Project:MYTHOS, a Halo RP

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Project:MYTHOS, a Halo RP

Post by MYTHOS on Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:40 am

The year is 2530.

It has been five years since the Unified Earth Government first came into disastrous contact with the overpowering might of the Covenant Empire. Dozens of human colonies now lie in lifeless ruin, destroyed from above by the powerful weapons the Covenant wields. In space, Covenant ships dominate, easily overpowering the UNSC’s Navy with little effort. Planetside, UNSC military forces fight a desperate battle against overwhelming odds.

But there is hope.

New weapons now dictate the flow of battle in favor for the humans. These machines fit into two categories: Arm Slaves – 9 meter-tall walking tanks that wreak havoc on any lightly-armored foe foolish enough to stand in their path; and Mobile Suits – 17 meter-tall behemoths that crush Covenant forces wherever the battle is joined. As yet, their numbers are few and far-between, but the group is steadily growing and evolving as their machines do the same.

Welcome to the universe of Project: MYTHOS, an ambitious new RP forum that takes the disparate stories and technologies of Halo, Full Metal Panic!, and the Mobile Suit Gundam metaverse into the overarching plot of Halo. Do you have what it takes to send those aliens packing with their tails between their legs? Then suit up, get in your mech, and get out there, soldier!

[url="http://z13.invisionfree.com/projectmythos/index.php?act=idx"]Enter Project:MYTHOS.[/url]


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