Cycle 3

Race Census M F
Human 2 1
Linzin 1 2
Elenor 1 2
Ul'Torin - -
Draconean 1 1
Ronoan - -
Avial - -
Jingai - 1
Total 5 7
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What You've Become[LB]

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What You've Become[LB]

Post by WYB RJ on Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:33 pm

In 2012, a three year war destroyed the modern world. The First Great
War was a war waged between the vampires and the shifters who revealed
themselves to the humans only months before they began to fight one
another. When the humans took the side of the vampires, the shifters
were forced to surrender out of love for the humans.

Until 2060, the vampires stood at the top of society. They enslaved their
enemies in order to rule over the brainwashed humans unopposed. Until
the Forty-First Retribution, a battle to the death, when the victors of the
previous retribution incited a riot causing the enslaved shifters to divide
the city into a new state.

In 2061, two lands stand opposing one another. Sidus is the land of
the vampires and Anathema, the home of the freed shifters, who wish
to watch the vampire's empire fall. A third, Tortuga, stays neutral in
the war, is inhabited by shifters who escaped enslavement before the
first war. The new war is still young and the world is in limbo. Which
side will you be on?

What You've Become is an original supernatural war site. We have a three
hundred and fifty word minimum and lots of friendly members and a helpful
staff. For more info, please check out our plot and rules.

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