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The Screecher (W.I.P)

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The Screecher (W.I.P)

Post by Nyx on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:30 pm


"The night flyers"

Name: Screecher
Type: Mammal, Atmospheric
Class: C
Terrestrial Locomotion: Flight
Population: Populous
Location: In the caves of Spera. Especially the west region of Spera.
Tamability: 2

Appearance: Screechers appear as a black flying creature with web like wings. Their ears look like sound waves moving up and down them and theirs bodies are fuzzy, in a sense.
Behavior: Screechers are very calm in nature. They will not harm you if you do not harm them. If startled, though, be prepared for them to swarm and fly like mad.

Size: Miniscule
Height: 1.34-1.54 inches
Weight: 0.9 ounces

  • Sound Manipulation - The user has the ability to generate high pitched sounds. By any means necessary.
  • Hydrokinesis - The manipulation of water. The user has the ability to manipulate the atoms within water, multiplying them rapidly. This allows for the user to be capable of moving the water to their will and command, being able to perform multiple feats with it.
  • Smoke Manipulation - The user is capable of generating and controlling particles that are created by carbon dioxide igniting, which result in smoke. The smoke chokes and removes oxygen in the surrounding area. They can control any previously created smoke from fires, create their own smoke, etc.

Energy Level Class: F

  • None

Strength: 3.0
Defense: 3.0
Magic: 3.0
Weapon: 1.0
Speed: 5.0


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