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Journey of Life

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Journey of Life Empty Journey of Life

Post by Momokie on Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:35 am

RP Type: Regular
Location: Somewhere in Nero near the Hundain Ocean
Description: Momo has started on her 'adventure' away from home to 'see what else is out there'. It hasn't been long since she left, she has decided to stay by the Ocean for a source of water and food. However, not too long into her journey will she come across someone? Its not everyday she comes across someone who isn't Linzin.
Time: Mid-afternoon
Exclusiveness: Public
Death Setting: Off
Related NPCs: N/A

There is a small forest, in that forest is a village though it is mostly surrounded by canyons, rocks and it happens to snow a lot. However, those who live there in the village are accustomed to the snow. Not too long ago however one of those people took one last glanced back at her village, her home, her family. She wanted to know what else was out there having been isolated in her village all her life. She'd always felt different there, even though they were all of the Linzin race; she just didn't quite fit in. So she'd asked her parents if they'd allow her to go on a journey to find herself. They were cautious and didn't want to see their youngest daughter go off. She managed to convenience them however and was now on her way.

It'd been a day since then and the second day was slowly fading away. She was headed towards the Hundain Ocean so that she could follow along the coast going north. With her short, almost childish wooden bow strapped to her back along with her quiver she figured that she should probably hunt soon, probably tomorrow. She had some rations from home, bread and some meat wrapped up that she could cook tonight. She'd always been a solitary girl so her parents always wondered when she would have chosen to go off by herself but now that she was alone on the path that she walked with no particular direction she was feeling a bit alone. However, the feeling was not new to her. She did however start to miss her parents but she would return to them someday.

She started to hum a small tune, something that her mother sang to her as a young girl to comfort her. Her long cat like ears were perked up as she listened to all of the sounds around her; though there were not many. Softly smiling to herself she continued to hum the tune. Even though she was leaving her family behind they would always be with her in her heart. She looked back again and could barely see the forest that her village was hidden in. Despite other tribes of Linzin that usually moved to warmer places during the cold cycles, Momo's village stayed where they were having grown accustomed to the winter especially in an area that had an arctic climate. She missed her family more so than her village and it had only been a little longer than a day since she started on her journey.

She expected to reach the coast by tomorrow and then head north from there. Momo had heard only a little bit about the other lands, but most importantly that Nero was the southern most on this continent so she could probably head north for awhile. She was however unsure what she would find, discover and meet on this journey. But, with a small smile on her face she continued to hum the tune, wondering what she would find out there.

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Journey of Life Empty Re: Journey of Life

Post by Demi on Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:18 am

[ENTER - Dr. Olek Glenten]

"My, I'd forgotten how beautiful Nero was during the late afternoons."

The doctor sat upon a stone, his face serene as he surveyed the landscape. He was currently out, looking for various things that he could use. These included many types of ingredients for potions and salves, which would come in handy for his medicinal work. Alchemy was always a strong point with him in theory, though he knew training for it would require some perseverance on his part.

He knew he could do it. He was never really one to give up anything, easily. With League of Magic duties being finished for him, and the next meeting not happening for at least 5 Cycles, he praised Anima for the free time he had. For now, he decided to return to his home in Nero to check on a very important place.

He gazed down at the singular roses on the ground. They were Snow Roses, flowers of pure white beauty and sturdy winter resistance; capable of taking any and all punishment from horrid weather - sans a hurricane or fire. The roses were plotted a few feet next to one another, wit a singular rock sitting steadfast into the ground in front of them. The dirt was noticeably looser around these areas.

"As I say, I'll always be here to visit you," he whispered to himself, letting a slightly sad smile dawn his lips. "Mother, father," he stood, lowering his head. His lips moved slowly, chanting a silent prayer of spiritual transcendence and complete unity.

In his mind, he was doing a service for them; but knew full and well that he could never repay the happiness he'd had, no matter their situations in life.

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Journey of Life Empty Re: Journey of Life

Post by Luci on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:43 pm

The cool air whispers in breezes through the quiet forest, soft gales phasing throughout the evergreen trees' leaves like a ghost. These winds suddenly took up a sharp yet small speed as a pink-haired Linzin skates across the ground in glee.

"Whoooooo!" Miharu releases a yell of exhilaration, energy coursing through his being. Extending out his hand, he grabs onto the smooth bark of a tree to make a swift curve around onto a next path. Lush dark greens flashes spots of pure white, the young Linzin making sure to close his red scarf a little more tightly around his neck.

"This place is absolutely amazing! I'm kind of glad it's a little deserted," Miharu commented on the forested, winter-like landscape. He had decided this to head back to the mainland, despite the recent uproar over the Deadland colonization, to probably explore some more nature-friendly areas. Not too long ago, Miharu was just skating along Nero's coast and taking in the deep sapphire waters of the Hundain. Something about the sheer hue tickles his memory...

Breaking his mind from that sub-conscience, Miharu's gales cease from under is footing. Tennis shoes stamp down on the ground lightly, his fiery tail swishing about in tune with his mood. Not only is he excited about this new adventure, but he is looking for something particular that he has heard about. Whipping out both a photograph and a map booklet of Spera containing its individual providences and important cities, he peeks closer upon the image of a pure white rose nestled in a soft, gray snow patch.

"Haha, this would be great to get for Snow after she's done with her training," Miharu ponders, thinking back on the vague comment Snow left him with before he left her mansion back in Arcadia. Something in her features seems slightly... troubled? He couldn't really describe it; Snow usually had a fortified wall when it comes to emotions sometimes. So why not something to cheer her up? Plus the irony of her name being shared with such beautiful flowers...

"Alright, time for some Snow Rose-Searching!" a cry of determination emits from the pink-haired Linzin, a twist of winds circulating about the bottom of his shoes again. He levitates lightly off the ground before he takes off again, feeling confident just before...

... a rock trips him up.

"WAAH!" MIharu yelps out, his body being hurtled into the air from the gales under his feet betraying him with propulsion. Losing all feeling from his stomach momentary, he strongly gets the feeling back followed by an impact with sticks and dirt. Oh no, but nature wasn't done with him. Just happening to land on a sloping feature as well, Miharu's heterochromic eyes were streaming tears as he goes rolling down the steep slope down.

"SOMEBODY HEEELLP!" he yells out helplessly, the landscape spinning in rapid revolutions of confusion. This area seems particularly dark, packed with the multitude of trees making it hard to see where the Linzin is rolling down to. Miharu's body finally folds out from a ball when his body meets the flat surface of ground and his boggled eyes paired up to the sky. Stars and multi-colors bounced around in his vision, almost like a magical show~

"Hehehe, what pretty stars...." the Linzin mumbled, his eyes traveling upwards to someone sitting upon the rock. Funny, this person has long brown hair... just like Snow...

"Snowy...?" Miharu mumbles, trying to make out the unrecognizable face.

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Journey of Life Empty Re: Journey of Life

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