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Five Auras

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Five Auras Empty Five Auras

Post by Demi on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:07 am

Five Auras

The Five Auras are the spiritual embodiments of the warrior spectrum. Through their body flows the potential to unleash the innate strength of the God of War, Noviua. In their strength and potential, it comes with the price of slow but sure energy expenditure.

  • User is capable of directly increasing their stats temporarily during battle. The amount it is increased by will determine how much energy is expended. Each of the five auras can raise of the five stats.

    • Behemoth's Aura: Strength +
    • Tortoise's Aura: Defense +
    • Sorcerer's Aura: Magic +
    • Sword's Aura: Weapon +
    • Lightning Aura: Speed +

  • The user is capable of raising them to certain amounts, depending on how much they choose. However, any amount they choose will determine how much energy is expended from them.

  • User must raise the stat by a minimum of +100 and a maximum of +2,000. Depending on the amount risen, there will be a certain amount that will be lowered. To find it, the user must take the first number of the stat raise (if it is in the hundreds), or the first two numbers of the stat raise (if it is in the thousands); and divide them by two. That is how much energy will be depleted every post after four posts of use. Do not round. Anything that goes below zero will be depleted by one.
    • Ex) +1000 will be -5 Energy Level each post after four posts of use, as the first two numbers in the amount will be 10. If it is +100, it will remain as 1.
  • One is only capable of raising one stat at a time.

Learning Curve
Learning this skill takes some practice, as well as some intense study. The user can usually submit about 8 posts of them actively learning it.

Five Auras Lightning-FFXIII-2
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