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The Evoker [SP-N]

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The Evoker [SP-N]

Post by Demi on Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:50 am

The Evoker

Name: Saurus, the Evoker
Role: The Evoker of Hidden Potential, Energy Mage

Gender: Male
Race: Unknown

Age: 5,120
Height: 6'08"
Weight: 273.4 lbs.

A tall, gaunt figure; clothed in robing. He normally carries around a book, which is said to contain tomes on nearly every kind of Skill and technique imaginable. It is unknown what Saurus looks like, as his face is almost always obscured.

Basic Information
Saurus is a very seclusive man, normally unable to be found unless he allows it. He is known as the Evoker, as he has the powerful skills; Ingenio Doctrina and Evoke. With these skills, Saurus is capable of not only bestowing any skill in existence to those who chooses to, but he can also give them the capability to house more power than they already can.

Not much about Saurus' power is known. However, it is stated that he has abilities that far exceed anyone in Spera, even the Emperor.

Combatant: Yes
Creature Profile: The Evoker [Combatant]

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