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Elaninde Lloran

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Elaninde Lloran

Post by Elaninde on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:17 pm


Name: Elaninde Lloran
Family: Tadali Arelas (Mother), Tunenre Lloran (Father), Rien Muse (Half-brother)
Race: Elenor
Age: 41
Birthplace: Merdana, Luna
Birthday: Cycle 1 23, X9694


Appearance: Elaninde possesses a tall and well-toned build for a Elenor woman, who are typically shorter and more slim. Her ears and striking golden eyes are probably the only truly Elenor features she processes. She has dark brown hair that starts off smooth on top of her head, then near the ends gain a natural curl to them that extends to her shoulder blades. She prefers to wear clothing that exposes her apricot shoulders, well-endowed cleavage, and shapely legs, but hates wearing clothes that expose her midriff, back, and neck, it makes her feel naked.
Age appears: 28
Gender: Female
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs.


Elaninde's personality is somewhat bipolar. She can be happy and content one moment and extremely angry the next if something, no matter how small, makes her angry. It's a product of her mother's personality and her father's strict nature that caused her to develop such a chaotic mood. It mirrors her field of magical study quite well in that regard. Like fire, it can be warm and controlled one moment, then the next it can blow up in your face.

With typical Elenor fashion, she is intolerant to other races and cultures and because she lived most of her life in the city of Merdana, she has little in the way of worldly knowledge. As a result of that, she's a bit coarse with how she treats other races and naïve with regards of how to go about with new situations without getting angry.

Character Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Reading
  • Cutting loose
  • Smoking various plants
  • Fighting
  • New foods

  • Her father
  • Womanizers
  • Chores
  • Restrictive clothing
  • Being blamed


  • Spontaneous
  • Energetic
  • Insightful
  • Affectionate
  • Intellectual

  • Intolerant
  • Naïve
  • Arrogant
  • Indiscreet
  • Hotheaded


Elaninde's early life wasn't particularly eventful. She was born in the city of Merdana in Luna. It is an Elenor colony built in the tall trees of the forest high above the ground. The city itself stretches a few miles, holding housing, shops, government districts, and various other buildings on various levels of the trees all bound together by wood bridges, ladders, and staircases. Her father, Tunenre Lloran, was very strict. His position of office required him to be so, but he somehow extended that to his family as well. Her mother, Tadali Lloran, was much more free spirited than her father. This combination of freedom and restriction imposed on her by her parents contributed to personality a great deal. While she was usually chipper and happy around her mother, she was angry and defiant around her father. It sort of turned into a game for her when she was about five. She would intentionally try to make her father angry to see what he would do. It was usually chores or other housework in the end.

When she was 18, Elaninde began to notice that her mother was showing. How her mother could still have a relationship of any kind with her father was beyond her, but Elaninde was still excited that she could be a big sister, now. She was still living with her mother and father while the city was being expanded with new housing districts, which she would hope to move into eventually. Also during this time, Elaninde had been undergoing training in the field of elemental magic. Although they were trying to teach her geomancy so she could assist in developing the forest and trees for further expansion, the only field she seemed to excel in was that skill of destroying said trees. Pyrokinesis was one of the few skills that were frowned upon in Merdana with good reason. But she was taught it anyway after some push by her father, perhaps one of the few times he'd outright helped her.

A few weeks after Elaninde's 19th birthday, her mother went into labor. Although Elaninde had no experience in child birthing, one of the city's nurses insisted she help as much as possible to learn. The nurse would be right next to her to help. He was a nice young man who was an apprentice of the city's head doctor. The reach her father's hand extended had grown much longer in the last twenty years. That reach would be severed with the birth of this child, though. When the head crowned and Elaninde reached around the head to try to guide him out, she instinctually touched his ears a bit and they were wrong. While Elaninde had the newborn in her hands, the nurse carefully cleaning him off, the light of the room illuminated his head a bit, revealing his… bright blond hair color. Both her mother and father had dark brown hair. Oh yeah, he was also human, too.

Her father used all of his political favors he had and lost immense standing with the city due to his wife's betrayal, which would have normally resulted in her and her mongrel bastard son's executions. She was banished from the city and all other Elenor settlements. If she wanted to be with humans, she could never return to the Elenor. Even this outcome sent Elaninde into a frenzy of anger, causing her to nearly burn down half the city's western residential district. Due to the Elenor's low population of women, they didn't want to lose another, so she was restrained and placed under immense restrictive care, where she suffered from depression for the next five years. When her mind calmed down to the point where the psychiatrists were confident enough to release her, she continued to live with her father for the next two years before living in her own small house on the far side of the city.

Although she was 26 and perfectly healthy, due to her mother's actions and her own unstable personality, few men ever approached her after being released. If it wasn't the worry she would follow the same path as her mother, it was the fear she would burn them in their bed if she slept with them. Instead of actively seeking relationships, she continued her study of pyrokinisis. A goal she had deep in her heart at the time was to be able to burn down the entire city with her father and everyone else still in it. Thankfully, she outgrew that desire as time progressed. She began to experiment with how certain dried herbs burned, eventually leading to her developing a small smoking addiction to tobacco plants, cannabis plants, and various other rarer herbs that she couldn't procure as easily as the plant used to make the rope of the rope bridges of the city. When her anger began to replace the depression, she would smoke cannabis with a bit of tobacco to calm herself down. When she's feeling aggressive, she took up sword fighting with some of the men of the city. Reluctant at first, they eventually accepted her lest she burn their sparring platform to the ground. As a result, she became skilled in both fighting and setting things on fire, though she was much more controlled with the fire bit. Didn't matter, though. Whenever there was a small fire in the city, she was always given the blame regardless if she had an alibi. She was the largest hindrance to her father's struggling stance with his position.

As she grew older, and her personality showed no signs of stabilizing, her father did the only thing he could that would hopefully save his career and be rid of his daughter. Elaninde was banished from Merdana after her 41st birthday. Just Merdana, not all Elenor settlements. If another Elenor settlement wants to take her in, they can have her. She was given an option for return, though. In order to return to Merdana, she would need to bring back the head of her bastard half-brother and any additional mongrel children her mother had birthed while in exile. As her father knew she didn't have it in her to do such an act, he would likely never see her again.

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Re: Elaninde Lloran

Post by Elaninde on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:23 pm

Primary Weapon:
  • Elenor Single-edged Broadsword

Secondary Weapon:
  • None

Equipment & Apparel:
  • None

Tamed Familiars:
  • None

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Re: Elaninde Lloran

Post by Elaninde on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:24 pm

Skills: (3/20)
  • Pyrokinesis (R-3)
  • Ash Manipulaiton (T-4) (Free)

New Wonder

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Re: Elaninde Lloran

Post by Demi on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:27 pm

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Re: Elaninde Lloran

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