Cycle 3

Race Census M F
Human 2 1
Linzin 1 2
Elenor 1 2
Ul'Torin - -
Draconean 1 1
Ronoan - -
Avial - -
Jingai - 1
Total 5 7
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Eternal Kingdom RP

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Eternal Kingdom RP Empty Eternal Kingdom RP

Post by Pyredo on Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:04 pm

--= Eternal Kingdom =--

In the world of Eternal 4 kingdoms stand strong after countless of wars. Be emerged in the still everlasting war between these strong standing kingdoms and use your own made powers to stand out from other.

In ancient history in the world Eternal, there were many small kingdoms striving to be the most well-known kingdom of all. Every kingdom used the world’s mana and developed varies amount of unique abilities. Elements were born through the study of mana related to the nature. People called the use of mana to control nature magic. Some, developed ways to use mana to enhance one’s own abilities, while other developed methods in creating rituals to call out all kinds of magical beings.

However, the great development in mana use, came with a price. Most kingdom became greedy, jealous and obsessed with this big development and started raiding neighboring kingdoms for more knowledge. It became a large scale war in which those with poor mana development were overthrown by those bigger than them.

As a result the winning kingdoms grew larger in size and knowledge. In return many kingdoms were lost along with there culture. Whatever development the losing kingdoms made was then used by the winning kingdom to increase its power to concur more kingdoms. The combination of many different developments gave birth to more unique mana based skills.

Over the decades some of the remaining kingdoms forgot why they initially started wars and simple invaded other kingdoms for money and pride. The war ultimately resulted in the 4 kingdoms: Iselia, Rakia, Mondonia & Filia. For having survived all battles, these kingdoms have been called: “Eternal Kingdoms” throughout history.

Now, 50 years later, even though peace wasn’t exactly achieved, each kingdom seems to be in balance since neither kingdom seems capable of taking over another. Each kingdom now has a fort in their original territory, while being surrounded by smaller villages which are/were rebuild from past kingdoms. Since history was destroyed in long war, people refer the current year starting from the start of the all scale war (which was 100 years ago). Thus now a new era begins starting the year K-100

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- Wars
- New player friendly
- Own powers/abilities (and able to learn skills from other players)
- Events (both personal as global)
- Constantly growing (new content will be added over time)
- And many, many more

We are also looking for staff members so if your interested feel free to take a look


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