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Beginner's Playbook

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Beginner's Playbook Empty Beginner's Playbook

Post by Demi on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:13 pm

Beginner's Playbook
Because knowing what to do is always better than finding out along the road...

So, you've decided to take a gander around our lovely site. Good for you! Now, if you were thinking about where you could possibly stater, look no further. Here, we have the entirety of what a beginner is capable of doing.

  1. GO TO CHARACTER APPLICATIONS. You, quite literally, cannot start your venture through Spera without a character. Make sure that you mind all of the rules, regulations and fill out all required spaces. Once that has been approved, you can choose a Character Type. This will allow the site managers to measure your experience gains and such.

  2. Start networking with others. There are bound to be players who want to network with you. Simply post in their threads. We'll tell you this, now; being shy and withdrawn isn't going to help you, here. Nobody will throw you any bones if you don't go searching. Don't want to make it public? Contact them by PM. Want some help? Contact the staff. There's no use in trying to stay distant from others, as no one will want to work with you if you do.

    Someone declines? Don't fret. Simply ask the next person. It doesn't help to be anti-social.

  3. Review the Skill Lists. The Skill Lists are one of Spera's most prized possessions. The community works hard to compile these lists for you. Make sure that you always keep in mind that your character is weak. Thus, more skills allow for more variety. Look at how much the skills take up, look at their effects, and choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Sometimes, it's best to go outside of your comfort zone; but choosing what you're familiar with will always be good in the long run.

  4. Don't fear adventure; face it! Spera is a very large world. As such, many may believe it to be daunting. Well, here's the real rundown; Spera's events only happen in certain providences in which they take place. As such, don't be afraid to get a little down and dirty with your adventuring. If people always post in Arcadia, post something happening in Nero. If something always happens in the East, go to the West and post something.

  5. Post up possible plotlines. People, the Spera Related forum is there for a reason. Go in and start looking through some possible plotlines. Create one of your own. If it revolves around your character's development, state that. If it is something that you want as a site side-plot, post it and wait for an staff member to assess it. Things happen in Spera. Not every conflict is centered on a sole person/people. Get creative. Just stay within the boundaries of the site (so... no outer space/interdimensional plots without consulting the administrator).

  6. Talk in OOC. We can't stress this enough. Start posting up chat threads. Just don't dupe them. If there is a general chat, don't create another thread saying "Let's Talk Here", unless you plan on speaking about a particular subject. Remember, the rules are always in play; but Unrelated is always open for numerous types of discussion. Don't be a zergio, please.

  7. Have. Fun. That's the main point of the forum! Being in a roleplay is much like an amusement park; just because there are restrictions, it's meant to be enjoyable for all. Come here knowing that we will make it our top priority to let you have as much fun as possible within our rules.
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