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Cosmic Manipulation

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Cosmic Manipulation Empty Cosmic Manipulation

Post by Demi on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:55 am

Cosmic Manipulation

The user gains the ability to call upon the powers of the cosmos, itself. They utilize extraterrestrial energies, not native to the planet. This mysterious power has many properties, all of which are capable of allowing the user the ability to perform traits that deal with spacial matter.

  • User can summon meteor and comet showers from the sky.
  • The user can convert their attacking power into nearly 1.7 Million pounds of force, strong enough to rip apart even the most solid of steel and diamond.
  • The user can summon stellar winds to use in battle.
  • User is capable of summoning beams, volleys, blasts, bombs, or use blitzes of cosmic energy.
  • User is capable of creating cosmic energy shields.

  • The user is not able to control where meteors will fall. They can simply summon them.
  • Cosmic power is not able to be used in places where Ouranokinesis is in use, as the powers simply cancel one another out.
  • Cosmic does not mean control over space. They are completely different.

Learning Curve
    Cosmic Manipulation is an unknown skill to the masses. Therefore, it is not taboo. However, the process of learning and controlling cosmic forces is an incredibly hard skill, and takes some adjusting. As such, it takes at least 20 posts to gain the skill.

Cosmic Manipulation Lightning-FFXIII-2
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