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Honor System

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Post by Demi on Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:44 pm

Honor System

This entire article will cover the Honor System of Spera. Reading this will be to your benefit in the long run. All of the things below are examples of what not to do.

  • Godmodding
  • Minimodding
  • Metagaming

    We all know what godmodding may mean in general terms. To put it simply, godmodding is when your character does something that is completely flawless, unblockable, unavoidable, or nonetheless unstoppable. This includes your character's abilities, battling skill, etc.

    Here is an example: Character A attacks Character B. Character B decides that he will block the attack and say that his attack hits Character A automatically, not even giving him time to dodge or attack him. Character A is completely unable to state his point of view, and is expected to assume that the attack hits him. Hypotheticals are key to this entire part of the fighting process. Character B would be penalized for godmodding, and thus would have Word of God condition points deducted for stating that his attack was unable to be dodged.

    Please, allow your opponents the chance to react. Simply stating that your attack was unable to hit before the opponent can react is considered Antimodding, which goes against the Honor System. Try saying that I will do this, and hopefully this will hit. You should also know that automatically dodging the technique without any type of due process or reasoning is grounds for a godmodding flag. The key to T1 is outsmarting the opponent. If you see that they have truly outsmarted your character, do them the honor of taking the hit.

    Minimodding is the act of attempting to govern the entirety of the battle, itself. Instead of letting it progress slowly, one tries to moderate what has happened in the battle. Unless you are the initiator, you cannot moderate it unless asked to do otherwise. Even in this vein, the user is not able to moderate anything to give them the advantage if they are inside of the RP, too.

    An example: User A allows Character A and Character B into the thread, Character A being his own. The entire battlefield has already been stated to be at nighttime, which is to Character B's advantage due to having some techs that might be more powerful at night. Knowing this, User A changes the time to daytime, or calls for a Time Skip.

    This also goes under changing the position of your opponent's, or your own, character if something happens that isn't to your liking, attempting to equip a technique just because you - as a user - created it, etc.

    This is not allowed at all, and falls under cheating. Don't fret because you're at a disadvantage. Just know that you won't always win; and if you believe otherwise, you are a foolish fool who's foolish. Your character is not, and will never be, invincible in the least. Powerful, maybe. But never invincible.

    A prominent problem in many RP sites, and one that can definitely get you thrown into the alligator and scorpion pits. Metagaming is the act of using real world knowledge to try and empower your character, who would otherwise be ignorant to the information.

    Ejemplo, por favor? Bueno, aquí está: Character B decides that he will go after the Great Black Feather-Sword of Ultra Time and Mega Spacial Awesome-Sauceness, which is a quest item. With this in mind, the User of Character B will go to the Lost Weapons, Accessories and Armor thread to try and look up the information. With the location and such in mind, your character will go directly to the place it was located. Hold up! Not only is that against the rules, but think: how does your character even know? Don't try to justify it with a coincidence, either. God forbid do you try to justify it with your character being able to sense it, or something.

    Make sure that your character finds out from reputable sources. Do not ask someone to NPC it where they have some random person tell you where things are, and definitely do not try to NPC it, yourself. Even if it is a thread you've initiated, it is not allowed. You must scout around, check around for when your character has gained the information. Don't make your character "suddenly appear" where someone has stated it, and then leave to Quest. Make a link to where your character has gained the knowledge of the item, either by eavesdropping, listening to someone else, or asking around.

    Your character would have absolutely no idea what the strengths and weaknesses of a technique was unless they've seen and exploited them legitimately, or if they gained the technique themselves and have experienced or heard of the downsides/upsides. Nothing's worse than a metagaming godmodder.

    Be sure to always play fair. If your character knows not of the location of things, well then tough. Don't be a Debbie Downer or a Killjoy Kyle by trying to exploit something your character does not know.
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