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Jack Fox

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Post by Luci on Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:22 pm

Jack Fox  Pure-white-fox-wallpaper-1024x768-1004034

Name: Jack Fox
Type: Mammal, Biospheric
Class: C
Terrestrial Locomotion: Bipedal
Population: Populous
Location: All Speran forests - only in fall and winter season
Tamability: 3

Pure white foxes with icy blue eyes, always sporting a wolfish grin on their face and a playful glint in their eyes. The tips of its two tails and ears are light blue, exuding icy energy along with its paws.

Jack Foxes are pretty social and playful creatures, always looking for activity. They are best known to play with children and other creatures to make them happy. When it comes to those children, creatures and people it finds friendship with, it will be fiercely protective. Whenever they feel threatened or sense danger, they will go about searching for the threat stealthily and attack with the fury of the winter.
Sometimes these creatures are fashioned as pets.

Size: Medium
Height: 4'09" - 6'10"
Weight: 110 -234.9 lbs.

  • Cryokinesis:
    The user gains the ability to drastically decrease the temperature and motion of atoms in order generate and control ice and snow.
  • Sense Manipulation:
    The user has the ability to sense anything approaching the user. The user can either prepare itself for battle or it can simple run away.

Energy Level Class: D

Weapons: None

Strength: 1.2
Defense: 1.8
Magic: 5.2
Weapon: 0.2
Speed: 7.6

Discoverer: Miharu Katsuki

If you're knocked down, soar.
If you can't breathe, pray.
If you cannot dream, then ride with the moon.
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