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Post by Fridayy on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:16 am

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It all started 73 turns ago. Let me explain the beginning of this sad tale....

The Ghosts that appear in the skies of Pern every turn came, as we all knew they would, but they were different this time; bright, larger, lighting up the sky with flashes of lightening and even coming to crash to the surface. Small meteors crashed to begin with, then the larger ones came, destroying Pern as we knew it, devastating the population and leaving those who remained fighting to survive.

Once the dust settled and the fires burnt themselves out, we took stock of what was left. It was not good. Of the Weyrs, only 2 were left, and they were suffering from illness, many dragons going between as their beloved riders died. We tried, but slowly the dragons disappeared over the next few turns. We had one Gold and a handful of bronzes left, fighting to survive. There was a mating flight, bringing hope to those of us left-- but then they were gone, the egg laden Gold and her mate disappearing along with their riders. It is assumed the illness took the riders and the dragons, unable to survive without their lifemates, went between. Without them, the remaining few of the dragons soon perished.

Soon, only the memories of the mighty dragons remained. They have all gone, leaving us to wonder what would happen when Thread returns. Thankfully, that was not to be for nearly 100 turns.

73 turns have passed. I am an old man, my time on Pern is coming to an end, and for a Harper I have lived a long, eventful life. But I wanted to share this tale of Pern, to say that the Gold and her mate did not die: They came here, they jumped forward in time, arriving here three days ago. Gaith and her mate were both pale, but they and their riders were alive. This morning we woke to find eggs on the sands, 31 fine eggs. Golden Gaith and her rider Fliss watching proudly over them.

With them came another miracle, a wing of 25 dragons appeared in the skies above the Weyr. Bronze, brown, blue and green. Come to help nurture the new dragons, to make sure that when thread returns we will have dragons to battle them. We don't know where they have come from, they will not tell us hold-folk. All we know is they were told to come now, where they were needed.

Pern is still struggling to survive. It has taken us a long time to get over the devastation of 70 turns ago. Many more died in the following turns: starvation, illness, babes dying in their mothers arms at a few days old. We have one Hold, Fort Hold, and now Fort Weyr has been reopened. Those who wish to work with the eggs and the future riders and dragons are invited to come and help. I am at the Harper Hall, my last days are filled with pain, but there is happiness in my old heart: the dragons are returning and Pern has a chance to survive once more. Let us hope those remaining are strong enough to face the next few turns, for they will not be easy. There is much to do and Thread threatens, the red Planet is already in the night sky. It is small for now, but it's there, a constant reminder that we are battling against time.

The question is, do we have enough for what must be done.....

What's happening at Pern Rebirth:
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Post by Demi on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:20 am

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