Cycle 3

Race Census M F
Human 2 1
Linzin 1 2
Elenor 1 2
Ul'Torin - -
Draconean 1 1
Ronoan - -
Avial - -
Jingai - 1
Total 5 7
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Post by BECCA on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:05 pm

The young Queen Caelia has only ruled for a season, but enemies within her own court already threaten to dethrone her--
and there are bigger problems in the realm as well.

Pirates and mercenaries run wild along the coast. Wildings and tribespeople fight for their land against petty lords. Old rivalries
between houses cause friction throughout the land. Religious leaders hunger to take control. Powerful envoys from distant lands
have arrived at court. Slavers and smugglers grow more bold with every passing day. Yet more challenges face the citizens of
Amar--harsh winters, disease, slavery, murder...

It is not an easy life in Amar, even for those in power. Death lies beyond every corner, enemies hide at every turn. A
rich culture of knights, lords, wildings, pirates and mercenaries, Amar has no shortage of people hungry for power.
The only question is, which will you be?


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