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"My brother... he's alive!"

Name: Ellafay
Type: Mammal, Biospheric
Class: C
Terrestrial Locomotion: Bipedal
Population: Singular
Location: Searching for Erebus in Sky
Tamability: 5

Appearance: Ellafey appears as a woman of average height, while retaining a stunningly beautiful visage. She is an incredibly great sight for sore eyes, with near flawless skin and lustrous amber-colored eyes. Her hair is a golden honey brown. She dressed in a black, and sometimes, a dark green full-covering ninja outfit.
Behavior: Ellafey is very modest in nature. She is not one to be mean or harsh unless tampered with. She is strong, at heart and in-mind.

Size: Regular
Height: 5'07"
Weight: 125.4 lbs.

  • Recreation - The user gains the ability to create things, recreating all present atoms that made up the object or mass. All mass is returned to its previous state.
  • Fear Inducement - The user of this skill has the ability to cause people and others to feel unwilling fear, one of the most primal urges ever. They use magic and psychic energy to invoke the brain's survival chemicals, which initiates an almost immediate fight-or-flight mentality. The user can only keep this up for as long as they concentrate.
  • Pain Suppression - The power to neutralize one's sensitivity to physical or mental pain.

Energy Level Class: C

  • Sabre

Strength: 3.0
Defense: 3.0
Magic: 3.0
Weapon: 3.0
Speed: 3.0


"This some mannerism of yours is becoming a problem." - Meifang
"I will rule through intimidation and fear." - Erebus

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