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Nightmare [SP-N]

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Nightmare [SP-N] Empty Nightmare [SP-N]

Post by Demi on Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:26 am

The Ancient Draconean Lord

Gender: Male
Race: Draconean

Age: 2,553
Height: 15'9"
Weight: 844.3 lbs.

Location: Temple within Northern Arcadia

Nightmare is a very imposing, large bipedal black dragon. In his past, he was a grand dragon of almost unbreakable scales and unmatched masculinity. However, due to a lone warrior; calling himself a Dragon Hunter, he was defeated in battle. His body was ripped and torn asunder.

Over a period of a century, he was restored back with metallic replacements on his body. His power has dwindled since then, but still remains as one of the strongest of all Draconeans. His life has been extended by his mechanical power cores, protected by scales of weathered adamantine.

Basic Information
Nightmare is a very intimidating visage. From his history to his mere appearance, he has put fear into the hearts of many. Over two thousand years ago, Nightmare was the Lord of the Draconean Colonies, leading them as supreme dictator. He was originally named "Myrian", christened by his mother. However, due to his extremely merciless ways of defeating and demeaning his enemies, often torturing them in the most horrific ways possible, he was given the name "Nightmare".

During his reign, he pillaged many villages for their wealth. A lone warrior, going simply by the vengeful name of Dragon Hunter, began to attack and kill many Draconean warriors during the night. Nightmare decided to confront this threat to the Draconean way of life. The battle that ensued was fierce. In the end, Dragon Hunter survived the battle; destroying most of Nightmare's body and leaving him for dead.

Nightmare was immediately taken into protective custody, where his body was rebuilt by strange, shadowy figures. These figures simply called themselves "the scientists", who used advanced technology to bring Nightmare's body back. He was given his new metallic body, and retains a thirst for vengeance against Dragon Hunter for the attack.

Due to his past, Nightmare is a very cold and unrelenting individual. While not always volatile, he will mercilessly attack and kill all of those he believes to be threats.

Combatant: Yes
Link to Creature Stats: Coming Soon...

Character Rights

Nightmare [SP-N] Lightning-FFXIII-2
"So now, I lie in crystal; waiting until the end of eternity."

"Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever." - Erebus, to Snow and Miharu.

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