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Gen-Tech Empty Gen-Tech

Post by Nyx on Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:55 pm

Located inside the Senate Building

Gen-Tech Alien-universe-game-coming-from-the-creative-assembly-for-next-gen-tech
"We use science to bring Spera out of it's primitive life, and bring it forth to a new age of energy."

RP Type: On-Location
Location: Aquaea

  • No Fighting within the Building. Doing so will result in incarceration.
  • No killing allowed.
  • There will be no OOC-only posts. If you have a question, ask the person via PM, any other contact mediums, or by posting your characters doing something within the Senate Building.
  • No automatic gains for licenses. You must ask, be assessed, and be approved.
  • All Forum Rules apply. While this does not need to be stated, it's best to keep that in the air.

Exclusiveness: Public
Death Setting: Off

Gen-Tech is a Aquaea based company. It was started years ago by Sir Charles T. Pennyworth. He was the proud leader in leading Spera to an era of pure-clean energy for eons to come. They tried before on a pure-energy, energy core, but a sense of foul play was in order and the core, along with the creator, perished.

Welcome to Gen-Tech! We are Spera's only-company put forth to making it a better place for all! We pride ourselves on working day in and day out on making sure that we can sustain life for eons to come!

The Gen-Tech company researches the following subjects:
Medical research
Energy research
Cloning research
Plant research
Utopia research

NPCs -
Ace - The home desk owner of Gen-Tech that greets the guests as they come in. He works on the front-lines with the scientists to get to the point where they have figured out the answer for clean energy.

"This some mannerism of yours is becoming a problem." - Meifang
"I will rule through intimidation and fear." - Erebus

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