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Meifang [PR-N]

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Meifang [PR-N]

Post by Nyx on Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:21 pm


"Never go against the wind, let it move you" - Meifeng

Name: Meifeng
Gender: Female
Race: Raceless

Age: 201 years
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 26 pounds

Appearance: Appears as a natural white Crane bird. Nothing to special about the appearance.
Basic Information:
Meifeng is a Crane spirit. The spirit of the crane. It is what Erebus will practice as a fighting style. The white crane is majestic, defensive rather than offensive. It moves like the wind but strikes like thunder. Meifeng comes to Erebus as a guide for his adventures. She gives him assistance in fighting, she answers questions during his meditation.

During his training she appears to help him, she shows him new moves. Makes him practice time, after time, after time. She once made Erebus stand on one leg in the crane stance for 3 hours. And every time he'd slip up, she'd peck him in the arm. Erebus is able to feel Meifeng when he fights, he uses her power for full throttle.

Character Rights

"This some mannerism of yours is becoming a problem." - Meifang
"I will rule through intimidation and fear." - Erebus

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